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Moylan pushes for IndoPacom's Guam priorities under supplemental budget

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Guam Del. James Moylan has proposed amendments to H.R. 8036, titled "The Indo-Pacific Security Supplemental Appropriation Act of 2024," seeking to enhance safety and security programs for Guam.


Speaker Mike Johnson this week announced the introduction of four supplemental appropriation measures aimed at providing additional funding for priorities in the Indo-Pacific, Ukraine, Israel and the border and provided member offices the opportunity to submit amendments.

Moylan’s proposed amendments included nearly $1.04 billion for the Guam  missile defense system,   $600 million to repair the Guam glass breakwater,

$100 million for the Typhoon Mawar reconstruction for Defense and over

$15 million for the Guam National Guard to address priorities.


The Guam missile defense is the top priority for the IndoPacom.

"The GMD is purely utilized as a defense mechanism, and the funding would help complete the 360 degrees of coverage, which protects island residents from inbound threats," states a press release from Moylan's office.

The Navy-owned glass breakwater, which protects the port of Guam, will not withstand another storm, threatening to disrupt commercial shipping

to the island and impede the movement of submarines in Guam.

"This would affect both food security and economic activity, while placing a detriment with the defense of Guam and the nation,” Moylan said.

The IndoPacom has marked the breakwater as a priority along with missile defense.


"The repairs of the breakwater are critical and failure to act now will certainly

 impact the ability for commercial vessels to enter the island in the future," Moylan said.

Typhoon Mawar caused over $2 billion in estimated damages to military installations in Guam and Moylan's proposed amendment would provide increased planning and design funding, which would assist in securing additional funding in the 2025 National Defense Authorization Act.


The funding for the Guam National Guard would assist in addressing an array of their priorities, including $11 million for a new Joint Emergency Operations

 Center and $3.5 million for hardening an existing facility, which would allow them to keep their critical lifesaving and warfighting capabilities.

 It also includes $400,000 for the Guam National Guards State Partnership

 Program with Palau, and $250,000 for Guam Air National Guard Recruiting.


“Addressing the safety of our community and island is my top priority, and I will continue to advocate for the needed funding to ensure this objective 

is met," Moylan said. 

“Our sons and daughters in the Army National Guard need our support to ensure that they too are mission ready, and we will continue to advocate for their unfunded priorities,” Moylan said.


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