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MDA requesting $1.2B for Guam defense

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

The Missile Defense Agency is requesting $1.2 billion for the Guam defense system, which is the centerpiece of the agency’s $10.4 billion budget proposal for fiscal 2025.

The new budget request for Guam's defense reflects an increase from $801.7 million the agency sought in fiscal 2024.

According to Breaking Defense, the MDA funds “will continue development and procurement of the Aegis Guam system and vertical launch systems.”

Once environmental impact studies are completed, the construction of the Command Center Complex supporting missile defense command and control components will begin, Breaking Defense reported.

The Guam missile defense project is a component of the Indo-Pacific Command’s Pacific Deterrence Initiative that would counter any potential attack from China.

“To sustain and strengthen deterrence, the budget prioritizes China as America’s pacing challenge in line with the 2022 National Defense Strategy,” states a fact sheet released by the White House.

“The Department of Defense’s 2025 Pacific Deterrence Initiative highlights some of the key investments the federal government is making, focuses on strengthening deterrence in the region, and demonstrates the administration’s long-term commitment to the Indo-Pacific. DOD is building the concepts, capabilities, and posture necessary to meet these challenges, working to integrate deterrence efforts across the U.S. government and with U.S. allies and partners,” the fact sheet states.


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