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Art Therapy By Donna Hope Blas

I'd like to introduce you to an artist from the islands who began her journey on Guam and ended up on 16 billboards in Las Vegas.

She started designing furniture on Guam in 2008. Prior to that, she was a top producer with a cosmetics company. Seeing her passion for sales and being the go-go getter that she is, she was immediately recruited by the owner of a popular furniture store on Guam. She had a natural eye for art basics: color, design, lines, shapes, etc.

In 2011, she moved to Las Vegas. She took a leap of faith and applied for a job to work at a cosmetics counter but little did she know her path to success was already laid for her. She was hired as a business manager doing trend makeup. She went through extensive training from every beauty guru there was.

Represented were brand names like Anastasia of Beverly Hills, Smashbox, Tarte Cosmetics, and more. Gasp! I’m weak at the knees in la la land. How exciting!

Donna Blas Arcangel

Her "canvas" changed dramatically from furniture to faces. She found her calling and second wind in life. When you’re on the path to your destiny, it’s truly the journey that you want to embrace.

This Queen Bee was doing her thang. She loved every aspect of the beauty business. One part she emphasized loving is speaking life to the hearts of those who sat in her chair.

“It means everything to me to lift other women up and empower them and show them how strong and blessed they are,” she said.

Not only were her customers happy, but she was happy too. They left feeling like queen bees themselves. Bzzzzz… bzzzzzz…

According to the word “makeup” originates from theatrical times where actors “prepare for impersonating a role (including dress and the painting of face).” Eventually, the word “makeup” would be exclusive to represent cosmetics.

The artistry of makeup is a wide spectrum. The movie industry has phenomenal makeup artists who can make you look from one extreme to another, Miss America to zombie. Yikes! Let’s put the brakes here before I get nightmares.

Back to the beauty queen! I was surprised when she told me, “I always knew in the back of my mind I was going to learn how to apply lashes.”

Such a humble soul. Why? Let me tell you.

With all her training and experience in beauty products, she started branching out on her own. As fate would have it, a friend needed help. She helped. And viola! Her lash creation would be the steppingstone to her beauty empire, Sexy Beautiful Lashes.

She designs quality mink lashes. She has a line of cosmetics and clothing. Truly a blessed lady. I’d like you to meet the beautiful, Donna Blas Arcangel.

Nice name, right? If you ever get to Vegas, I pray you will have the opportunity to sit in her “chair.”

Donna Hope Blas is a restoration & 3D artist born and raised on Guam. She is the co-owner of The Guam Gallery of Art. She is a certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach. Send feedback to

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