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JRM says UK sailors fully vaccinated, Covid cases onboard ship declining

Sailors aboard Britain's HMS Queen Elizabeth are 100 percent vaccinated, the Joint Region Marianas said, reassuring the local community that those infected with Covid-19 will not be in contact with the local population when the ship arrives on Guam.

"Through random testing, they have identified some positive cases onboard and

have immediately isolated those individuals. Their Covid positive cases are

continuing to decline daily," said Katherine Koenig, spokesperson for JRM.

Brig. Gen. Jeremy T. Sloane, commander of the 36th Wing, Andersen Air Force Base, confirmed on Sunday that ships from the UK’s carrier strike group, led by HMS Queen Elizabeth, are coming to Guam "in the next couple of weeks" to participate in the ongoing military exercises in the region.

HMS Queen Elizabeth is carrying 3,700 sailors.

Koenig said the carrier's commander, Commodore Steve Moorhouse,

has spoken directly to Guam officials with regards to liberty in-port on Guam.

"The crew is wearing masks onboard the ship," Koenig said. "When the ship arrives in Guam, all Covid-positive sailors will remain onboard

the ship in isolation. The sailors will be instructed to adhere to Naval Base

Guam policy and local regulations, respectively while they are in port."


British military officials earlier confirmed an outbreak of Covid-19 on the UK Navy’s flagship, where 100 positive cases were reported on July 14.

After completing its joint exercises with the Republic of Singapore Navy on July 26, the Royal Navy’s 5th generation carrier strike group set sail to the Indian Ocean with the Indian Navy for a range of exercises in the Bay of Bengal. The UK-India exercises conducted a range of air, surface and sub-surface exercises, involving 12 ships, 30 aircraft and 4,500 personnel.

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