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Joint venture to kick off AAFB project, vows job opportunities for locals

Champion Painting Specialty Services Corp. ,Thomas Industrial Coatings team up on Guam projects

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Champion Painting Specialty Services Corp. (CPSSC) and Thomas Industrial Coatings (TIC) combine forces as Thomas Champion Joint Venture (TCJV) to kick off its first project: Repair Tanks A-11 and A-12 on the Andersen Air Force Base in Guam.

TCJV said it plans to provide job opportunities for Guam residents. As work on Guam grows, TCJV said there will be a need for personnel at all levels of operation.

"TCJV hopes to develop a cadre of skilled and certified coatings craftworkers in Guam, as careers in the coatings industry can provide a lifetime of financial stability and be professionally rewarding," the joint venture said in a statement.


TCJV plans to look for motivated and focused personnel, eligible for access to work on Department of Defense facilities, who look to join the team long-term. As of now, TCJV works with Island Certs for local laborers.

The TCJV's goal is to provide support to the Department of Defense infrastructure in the Indo-Pacific area as a strategic focus in the region has increased. TCJV agreed that the Andersen Air Force Base project was the ideal pilot project through deep analysis of available opportunities.


"After years of working in the same sphere of industry, we recognized each others' strengths and capabilities, and after careful evaluation, we saw an opportunity to work together in the defense sector," said Zack Beehner, military programs coordinator for CPSSC. "Our forward-based location allows our customers to leverage our industry experience with faster mobilization and overall reduced costs."

TCJV chose to partner with one another due to similar work ethic, company culture and core values.

"At both CPSSC and TIC, your word is your promise, and your word is not something you use lightly, continued Beehner. "Knowing that both of our companies share this philosophy is how we knew we were right to work together."


The advantage of TCJV is the ability to scale partner involvement and provide customers the benefits of each organization's combined experience, resources, reliability, and horsepower to service complex schedule-driven projects.

"We are excited about the launch of our partnership which is already hitting the ground running with our first job, said John Lohkamp, senior business developer for TIC. "Thomas Industrial Coatings and Champion both have a strong work ethic and great core values, and we look forward to seeing our partnership grow."

TCJV actively pursues and develops projects throughout the region and is currently developing its next phase with projects in Europe. Both parties of TCJV are SSPC QP1, QP2, and QS1 certified.


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