Health and death

Yes & Know By Aline Yamshita

With life, comes death. While some disagree about life after death, everyone knows there’s definitely death.

Many acknowledge death by drawing up a will or buying a burial plot. Eric and I have reservations at Pigo cemetery. We’ll be buried together. That just makes sense to me.

Memories of death don’t fade. Cries reverberate, painful sights re-appear, fading heartbeats boom loudly.

As odd as it may sound, at least we were able to be with people during their last days. We have those memories. We processed death together.

Today, that isn’t so. Covid-19 and his sister delta rob us of comforting and being comforted. Vaccinated or not, you are not allowed to be with your sick family members.

The toolbox that will prevent death scenarios is repeated repeatedly. Vaccination, face covering, hand washing, social distancing — we all know the drill.

And yes, or course, if your health prevents you from being vaccinated, then you can’t be vaccinated. But if your health allows you to get vaccinated, then get vaccinated.

We’ve all had vaccinations – measles, rubella, mumps, polio, hepatitis – to name a few – public health has evolved. Yes, there are debates. I’ve been told more than once that Eric’s disabilities are because he was vaccinated.

Not true.