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Guam port eyeing organizational revamp to streamline operations

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

The Port Authority of Guam board of directors on Thursday unanimously approved a resolution authorizing the port management to restructure, abolish obsolete offices and merge certain divisions.

“The current organizational structure, established in 2006, has its limitations, and therefore an organizational realignment would better enhance and promote teamwork between the divisions, increase resource visibility, and manifest an improved sense of self-governance by its employees,” the resolution states.

“It is recommended that the current organizational structure be realigned to merge operations and equipment maintenance divisions into one division; establish facility maintenance as a discrete division; merge capital improvement projects and engineering divisions into one division; and separate occupational safety and environmental compliance into two singular divisions.”

Port officials said the realignment will not displace nor have any adverse effect on any classified employees within the divisions and will realize nearly $750,000 in cost savings.

In the latter part of 2021, the Port saw the departures of two senior managers as a result of retirement and no succession plan was in place which caused a void in the leadership at the maintenance department.


To ensure the day-to-day activities and programs for the maintenance department are not disrupted, the port appointed the operations manager to assume the duties and responsibilities of the maintenance manager without compensation.

“During the past two years we have seen the division heads, superintendents and leaders accept positions in an acting capacity, in most cases willingly absorb additional duties and responsibilities without compensation, and proven to go above and beyond to ensure the port’s mission is fulfilled and the supply chain to the island is not disrupted,” the resolution states.

According to the port authority, the reorganization will entail amendments to, job specifications for several classified positions to streamline the roles and responsibilities and optimize organizational effectiveness.

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