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GRMC acquired by BCG

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Guam Regional Medical City (GRMC) will be acquired by Blue Continent Healthcare Guam Medical City (BCG), the Guam Healthcare Development Inc. announced. GHDI said it has entered into an agreement to sell its physical assets and operations to BCG but will continue to employ all current medical and administrative personnel.

BCG will hire GHDI to provide the staff for the hospital and will also hire PSI Management, Inc. (PSIM), a healthcare management company affiliated with GHDI, to facilitate the transition and to provide continuity and leadership for BCG. BCG said plans to continue with the hospital’s ongoing strategic expansion, including increasing its inpatient bed capacity from 136 to 186 beds and contributing its healthcare infrastructure to better serve the key strategic island nations in the Blue Continent, including Guam, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands and Palau. This significant reinvestment by BCG in acute care services will position Guam’s only Joint Commission-accredited civilian hospital to meet the evolving needs of the people of Guam and the surrounding region.

This includes BCG establishing an institutional relationship with one of the most renown Academic Medical Centers in the US, located on the West Coast, to leverage resources and telehealth to bridge care gaps throughout the many islands of Micronesia. “The new foundation’s ownership of the hospital will ensure better access to funding resources and will cement BCG’s position as the main provider for advanced clinical care, including cardiovascular, neuroscience, diabetes, cancer, dialysis, rehabilitation, and skilled nursing services in the Blue Continent," said Dr. Gilbert Mudge, BCG chairman. “By having Guam serve as the hub and center of healthcare services in the region and by developing healthcare infrastructure for the island nations within the Blue Continent, we will move forward as a stronger, mission-driven organization,” says GRMC’s president & CEO, Michael W. Cruz.

“The Blue Continent is now arguably one of the most important geopolitical regions in the world and improving healthcare quality and access for the people of Micronesia will be one of the best ways to ensure regional stability,” Cruz added. “From its inception and early leadership under Margaret Bengzon, to the current leadership and vision for regional expansion under Dr. MichaelCruz, GRMC will continue to be a center of healthcare excellence for the people of Guam and Micronesia,” said GHDI Chairman, Jose Xavier B. Gonzales.

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