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GDOL gets ready to release $14.8 million in unemployment benefits

The Guam Department of Labor is getting ready to release another $14.8 million in federal aid to pandemic unemployment claimants.

Of that amount, $7.4 million is in Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, $7.4 million is in Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation, and $12,600 is in Lost Wages Assistance.

Another $1.3 million in taxes was paid to the Department of Revenue and Taxation.

Funds should reach claimants by early next week, but the labor department reminded residents that there is a time frame in getting unemployment assistance delivered electronically and getting checks mailed out. After the agency runs the batch, it is required to ensure it is clean by reconciling and auditing for fraud and accuracy.

“It’s clear that the amount of unemployment benefits is dropping with each batch. It’s a positive indication that people are going back to work as our governor focuses on rebuilding the economy and opening the island back up safely," Labor Director David Dell’Isola said.

"PUA will be ending soon, on Sept. 4 and this drop is a good sign that claimants are getting serious about finding employment.”

As PUA slows down, work search should see a rise as the requirement to look for jobs in order to remain eligible for PUA and FPUC goes into effect Aug. 1.

Starting that week, claimants must perform three work search contacts a week and will need to report those searches with their weekly certifications. A step-by-step video tutorial is available on the agency website at, as well as the agency youtube channel, Guam DOL.

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