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Eight military exercises slated for Guam, CNMI in 2022

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Several major military training exercises are planned for this year in Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands and the region from January through June.

These exercises include Sea Dragon, Cope North, Cobra Gold, Carrier Air Wing Strike Fighter Advanced Readiness Program (SFARP), Naval Surface Warfare Advanced Tactical Training (SWATT) and Valiant Shield.

During this time, all exercise participants will carefully adhere to Covid-19 mitigation measures to protect the civilian and military communities.

"The safety and health of our military and civilian communities is a top

priority while we conduct essential military exercises and training in Guam,

the CNMI and the region," said Commander of Joint Region Marianas Rear Adm. Benjamin Nicholson.


Exercise Sea Dragon 22, an annual multinational exercise, is the first among

the series of planned military exercises to kick off here in Guam, and will

feature military elements of the Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Canadian

Air Force, Indian Navy, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, Republic of Korea

Nay and the U.S. Navy.

Sea Dragon is a U.S.-led, multilateral training exercise designed to practice and discuss Anti-submarine Warfare tactics to operate together in response to traditional and non-traditional maritime security challenges in the Indo-Pacific region.

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