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Donki Village generates 430 new jobs, provides boost to Guam's retail sector

Updated: Apr 23

A wide array of Japanese products can be found at Don Don Donki Village. Photo courtesy of Rose Siguenza

By.Myracle S. Mugol


The Japanese retail brand Don Don Donki Village in Tamuning is all set for its grand opening this week, bolstering the growth of Guam’s sales industry and generating 430 new jobs.


Developed by Pan Pacific Retail Management (Guam), Don Don Donki’s expansion into Guam is not just a milestone for the retail giant but also a significant boost for the local economy and community.


Of the 430 new jobs created by the new Tamuning landmark, 380 have been filled, according to Charles McJohn, mall manager.

“We are still looking to fill the rest. The Village also contracts with thousands of individuals and businesses, contributing significantly to Guam's economy," McJohn said.


The increased footfall and consumer spending are likely to stimulate other sectors of the economy, from hospitality and tourism to local suppliers and service providers.


The retail complex, also known as the Village of Donki, will officially open its doors on April 25 after a long delay.


Located at 120 Route 10A in Tamuning, the Village of Donki spans 247,000 square feet of sales floor area.


The mega mall boasts 13 tenants, including the largest directly managed Don Don Donki store and Waka Sakura sushi restaurant, among other Japanese businesses, as well as South Korean and local Guam enterprises.


Don Don Dokni Village has been years in the making. It was initially targeted for completion in September 2021 after construction began in February 2020.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic, which prompted a community shutdown and exacerbated Guam's labor shortage, slowed the project’s progress.


"Typically, the process to open usually takes about six months, but with Guam, this was four to five years in the making, which is why I am so excited to finally open,” said Makoto Hanawa, president and director of Pan Pacific Retail Management (Guam), a subsidiary of Pan Pacific International Holdings Group.


One of the standout features of Don Don Donki Village is its diverse array of products, tailored to meet the varied preferences of the Guam community.


"With its vast assortment of products tailored to the Guam community, Don Don Donki Village will quickly become a beloved destination for locals and tourists,” Hanawa said.


From Japanese delicacies to American groceries, the store offers approximately 25,000 items, including merchandise from various PPIH Group stores worldwide.


The expansive product range ensures that customers can find everything they need under one roof, from fresh produce and seafood to specialty Japanese meats and baked goods, along with favorites from other countries such as Thailand, Korea and the Philippines.


"The Village of Donki has the lowest prices for many of the island's favorites and wants,” said Misaki Toves, marketing manager. “Donki is a discount store that prioritizes bringing the lowest price for quality for the people of Guam."


She also introduced the Donki app, likening it to Costco memberships, and mentioned, "The best thing about it is that it is free and just requires an app download."


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