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Docomo tests driverless concept cart

Docomo Pacific tests new driverless concept cart “SC-1” (manufactured by Sony Corp.), powered by Docomo Pacific 5G.

The New Concept Cart SC-1, which leverages 5G mobile technologies for various remotely controlled functions, was remotely driven from a cockpit in Japan, over 1,500 miles away from Guam.

The demonstration was conducted using Docomo Pacific’s 5G network and is part of the Docomo 5G Open Lab Guam project.

Results of the trial will be used to verify data transmission and operational performance required to remotely control the cart from a long distance via the extra-high speed, large capacity, low latency and massive-device connectivity of Docomo Pacific’s First to 5G network.

The New Concept Cart SC-1 is a highly conceptual vehicle that incorporates artificial-intelligence (AI) and robotics technologies developed by Sony. Image sensors that exceed human vision are mounted on the vehicle's front, rear and both sides to provide the remote driver with high-quality video of the surrounding area. High-quality video is also presented to on-board passengers, for example, as if they are viewing the surrounding areas through windows.

The SC-1 boasts 4K digital-sign panels on its exterior that can be used to display advertisements and other content in high-quality resolution making it an ideal moving billboard.


"The live demonstration has been a result of NTT Docomo ’s strong partnership with Sony Corporation. Today was an astounding success of showcasing how, through our 5G network, the driverless cart was remotely controlled from Japan. We will continue to conduct research on the future opportunities made available through this technology,” said Shingo Aihara, director of Transport Network at Docomo.

"Docomo Pacific is the first and only telecommunication services provider in the Marianas to offer 5G. Customers can try our 5G network today on the Samsung Galaxy S20 series handsets. Our current 5G hotspots spots for Guam are at Skinner Plaza and at Ypao Beach Park. On Saipan, at Paseo de Marianas,” said Nathan Denight, director of Marketing, Enterprise Business Unit at Docomo.

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