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Customer Assistance Program proposed for Guam's low-income water ratepayers


By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Sen. Sabina Perez is proposing the establishment of a Customer Assistance Program under the Gum Waterworks Authority to assist low-income ratepayers through supplemental bill assistance through credits, discounts and the reduction or waiver of fees.

Perez said the program proposed in Bill 273-37 would help facilitate water leak repairs on private property while promoting water conservation. 

“Customer assistance programs are implemented in other jurisdictions in the U.S. that ensure access to clean drinking water for its residents,” Perez said.

She said the proposed measure seeks to address the delayed discovery of, and response to, water leaks occurring on private property that may exacerbate access to clean drinking water.

Bill 273-37 authorizes water conservation initiatives, including rebates for water-conserving fixtures, water conservation audits and information.

"Reducing water loss on the private property side is an important measure in reducing the amount of non-revenue water of Guam Waterworks Authority, reducing operational costs, and ultimately supporting ratepayers of Guam,” she added.

Bill 273-37 is co-sponsored by Speaker Therese Terlaje and Senator Chris Barnett,


“With the advent of El Niño and the prediction of a subsequent dry spell, it is essential that water conservation measures are implemented to protect a vital resource and to sustain life on Guam,” Perez said.



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