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CNMI emergency declaration extended for 30 more days

Saipan-- CNMI Gov. Ralph Torres has extended the Covid-19-related public health emergency declaration for another 30 days.

“Action is necessary to protect the health and safety of our children, our senior citizens, businesses, and all other CNMI residents and visitors," Torres stated in an executive order, which places the CNMI under the state of emergency until

April 12.

While vaccines and treatments are becoming available, the governor said measures such as quarantine, isolation and containment are still important in the fight against the coronavirus.

“The potential pandemic impact of Covid-19 on the commonwealth cannot be understated," the executive order reads.


As of March 12, the CNMI had recorded 146 cases, including two deaths.

At least 4,066 residents have been fully vaccinated and 7.854 have had their first doses.

“Covid-19 continues to pose a significant and imminent threat of harm to the community, environment and people of the CNMI and thus emergency declarations are necessary to respond, quarantine and ensure the prevention of or containment of Covid-19 in the CNMI,” the executive order reads.

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