Attempt to oust Yap Gov. Falan fails

Yap Gov. Henry Yap

By Joyce McClure

The 10th Yap State Legislature failed to muster the required vote to remove Gov. Henry Falan from office.

During their regular session on Oct. 19, seven legislators voted for and three against the resolution seeking to oust Falan.

By law, 75 percent is required to pass a vote, or eight of the 10 members.

The three senators voting against the resolution to remove Falan from office for misfeasance and malfeasance in office were Theodore Rutun, Nicholas Figirlaarwon and Joseph B. Tiuchemal.

“I think it is true facts that we are trying to make sure the system is working,” said Figirlaarwon. “I think it’s proven to us that the system is okay. It’s just that we, the people working within the system, need to understand the system.”

“The way I vote…is not that I want the state to separate or divide,” Figirlaarwon said after the vote was taken. “I want us to work together with the understanding that we have a system to follow. We want [the] governor to make sure that he follows the law. But we need to give each other the room for discussion and we need readily to discuss what needs to be done, not so much to our compromise, but we need to discuss what is good for the state.”

“I’m not saying the governor should not be punished,” Rutun said, “I’m just wondering if this is the right punishment for the offense that has been committed.”

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