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Another storm is brewing while GPA has yet to fix damage from Mawar; more power outages announced

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

As Guam braces for another typhoon that is likely to hit next week, the Guam Power Authority announced a monthly potential outage schedule amid its struggle to restore full operational capacity since the last storm.

“The recent damage inflicted by Typhoon Mawar has left our power generation infrastructure vulnerable and in need of attention,” GPA said.

GPA, however, did not discuss any preparation for the new typhoon that is being tracked to pass over Guam either Tuesday or Wednesday.

The monthly outage schedule will begin Oct. 9. Click here to see the rotating outage schedule.

“Outages will be conducted according to the schedule if the anticipated demand from customers between the hours of 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. exceeds GPA’s available energy capacity,” GPA said.

Rotating outages will last up to one hour and power will be reconnected to all affected customers at the top of each hour, if not sooner, GPA said.

“As we work diligently to restore full operational capacity, GPA faces the challenging task of maintaining a stable power supply amidst varying energy demand.”

GPA reiterated that the two utility-scale solar PV farms, whch generate a total of 85 MW, provide sufficient energy during the day, when daylight hours decrease on cloudy days, the energy output of solar renewables decreases.

GPA said it is "actively working to secure interim energy capacity within the next six months" to bridge the gap between current infrastructure challenges and the full operation of the Ukudu Power Plant.

"Ongoing efforts include the expedited repair of the Yigo 20 MW combustion turbine unit that was damaged in the typhoon," GPA said.

GPA said it is also in the process of resolving any procurement protests for bids to replace up to 25 MW of capacity for 1.1 MW diesel units. Additionally, repairs to Cabras 2 to restore unit capacity of 40 MW continue, which will be followed by the repair of Piti 7 to increase the capacity from 22MW to 31MW.

GPA said it is also exploring opportunities to secure temporary or long-term federal funding for a 40 MW reserve capacity.

"This could potentially be sourced from entities such as FEMA, DOD, or other suitable partners," GPA said.

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