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Amendment to raise appropriation for Guam missile defense system passes

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday passed an amendment raising appropriation for the Guam missile defense system by $100 million.

“My top priority as Guam’s representative is the safety of our community, and with all the ongoing reports on China making its presence around Guam and this region, it is vital that adequate funding is provided to ensure that our people are safe from the uncertainties," said Guam Del. James Moylan, author of the amendment.

" The current defense system does not provide the 360-degree positioning needed to achieve the objective,” he added.

The Guam missile defense consists of multiple components that will be built throughout the island.

"While I understand that there are many questions from the community around the Guam MissileDefense itself along with its footprint, our office will also continue to push to seek answers," Moylan said.

"However, the opportunity to secure such funding does not come that often, and this is why I am thankful for the House Defense Appropriations Committee, along with my colleagues in the House, for their support in protecting our community,” he added.

Officials of the Indo-Pacific Command have repeatedly stressed that the 360-degree missile defense system would be a priority to protect Guam and the region.

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