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Adelup announces $300 gas voucher program; Moylan says timing is suspicious

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Beginning March 15, the government will accept applications for $100 monthly gas vouchers for each eligible household for a period of three consecutive months for a total of $300.

“While the cost of gas is beyond our island’s control, we can control our response and our ability to rise up and meet our challenges with compassion,” Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero said in a video message announcing her executive order establishing the gas voucher program.

She said the program is an extension of the government’s Prugråman Salåppe’ “to help our people meet the rising cost of gas as we rebuild our lives and enter a new era of economic recovery,."

Pushed by inflation, gas prices on Guam have gone up to $5.39 a gallon.

“As our people head back to work, whether in our grocery stores or hospitals, our restaurants or schools - there is hope that the extension of Prugråman Salåppe’ will provide you some relief. We will always be here, as we have been before, to support you, your family and all of Guam,” the governor said.

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Lt. Gov. Josh Tenorio said the Department of Administration will administer the program and implement eligibility requirements based on household income and size, so we can ensure we help those most in need.


At the legislature, Sen. Moylan welcomed the administration’s gas voucher program, but he raised suspicion about the timing of the announcement.

“While I understand that the announcement was selectively made today to try and drive the attention away from the Republican Party of Guam announcing a formidable gubernatorial team, what I was hoping was that her decision would be made for sensible reasons and not for political ones. Which is why it is unfortunate that it took this long,” Moylan said.


He said he requested the fuel voucher in a letter sent to the governor on Feb. 17.

“As I have always stated, I don’t anticipate a written response from the governor and prefer to see the action instead,” Moylan said.

“As I heard the governor’s special announcement today, what disappointed me was that while the topic of potential fuel vouchers was discussed, no actual plan was provided. Once again, we question the intent of the announcement, just as I did in November of 2021 when it was first brought up. I certainly hope that this is not an empty promise, because empty promises won’t fill empty gas tanks."

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