Guam senators ask US to stop active sonar use

The Guam Legislature has passed a resolution calling on the U.S. Department of Defense to cease using active sonar in areas that the government of Guam identifies as critical habitat for marine mammals.

"The ecosystem of the Mariana Islands is something that has developed over millennia in very unique ways, and that our marine mammals are one part of that," Sen. Kelly Marsh Taitano, author of the Resolution 365-35, titled Prutehi i Mambayena.

"Part of inafa’maolek means taking care of i tano’ yan i tasi (the land and the sea) that have sustained the people here for countless generations and continue to do so today. More than 20 different types of whales and dolphins live in, spawn or migrate through the waters of the Mariana Islands. Our waters are incredibly significant to them and their survival,” she added.