Governor reminds Guam residents: 'It's not business as usual'

With 1,619 confirmed cases of Covid-19, 15 deaths and a government hospital at surge capacity, Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero said reopening the economy is not likely to happen any time soon.

“You turn around and you know more people that’s positive than you did four-five months ago,” she said at Friday's press conference. “It's all over. It's very rampant in the community. That's a very serious thing. This virus kills"

The governor has extended the stay-at-home order and PCOR1 for another week.

" Yes, the economy is concerning to me. We can bring back the economy, we can’t bring back the loss of life. We can prevent the loss of life, but we cannot bring them back. Ask the families of the loss of their loved ones,” se said.