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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

Advocacy group pushing for lean, transparent government

Action PAC Inc., Guam’s newly formed advocacy group touted to become an influential voting bloc in the upcoming elections, has unveiled its platform endorsing good governance.

Action PAC's platform, launched Sept. 2, focuses on five key initiatives:

- Decrease the size (rightsizing) of the government of Guam;

- Improve transparency in all levels of the government of Guam;

- Support for the military build-up in Guam;

- Support for a part-time legislature; and

- Rollback of the BPT from 5 percent to 4 percent immediately

“As the 2020 general election is fast approaching, we will be reaching out to the senatorial candidates to learn more about the issues they support and identify those whose platforms – and not political affiliations or loyalties – align with our positions," said Laura Dacanay, Action PA executive director. "We will begin our educational campaign thereafter to advise our members and the community on who we will be endorsing this election.”

Laura Dacanay

Action PAC is a multisectoral nonprofit coalition, established by concerned constituents, nonprofit organizations and business entities, to affect change in government, beginning with the 2020 General Election. Plans for the PAC have been in the works for more than a year, and the group is committed to a long-term approach to improving Guam’s future.

“There is an urgent need to transform how the government of Guam works for the people of Guam. We all want a better quality of life on our island, and that begins with rebuilding our economy," said Christine Baleto,chairwoman of Action PAC’s Board of Directors. " It will take some time, and it starts with strengthening local businesses and keeping our people employed. This isn’t just about business. It’s about our residents having the ability to take care of their families.”

Action PAC said it does not identify with a specific political party and welcomes dialogue with leaders who place the best interest of the people above the red tape. The coalition will identify and support senatorial candidates who align with the PAC’s core initiatives that call for a more transparent, accountable, and efficient government that benefits the people of Guam.

“We need people in office who can affect change in our local government. This isn’t an ‘us versus them’ approach," said George Chiu, vice chairman of the Board of Action PAC. "This is about all of us working collaboratively with our elected leaders for a more accountable, transparent, rightsized government. The outcome of the 2020 election has to ultimately benefit and be right for all Guamanians.”


The PAC said it represents an overwhelming majority of Guam’s workforce, families, and business owners who support the vision of a leaner government and a healthier economy.

Partner organizations include Chinese Chamber of Commerce (106 members), Guam Chamber of Commerce (more than 400 members representing 40,000 employees), Guam Contractors Association (480 members), Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association (323 members, representing 20,000 employees), Guam Realtors Association (520 members), Guam Women’s Chamber of Commerce (200 members representing 4,000 employees) and Korean Chamber of Commerce ( 40 members).

“We strive for a non-partisan government that welcomes active participation and dialogue with its constituents, especially when shaping the local economy," Dacanay said. "We are an inclusive group that believes in a respectful, professional, methodical approach to vetting candidates. Make no mistake, we are driven to affect change through our strength in numbers as a voting group that represents about 40,000 individuals.”

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