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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

Governor modifies lockdown order

The public health emergency declaration for Guam, which is set to expire on Aug. 29, will be extended through Sept. 30, Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero announced today after reporting the island's 10th Covid-19 related death.

In a new executive order, the governor also modified her earlier lockdown order, allowing certain businesses to reopen.

Guam continues to be in Pandemic Condition of Readiness (PCOR) l, during which the most restrictive conditions are imposed in an effort to slow the spread of Covid-19 in community.

The earlier stay-at-home order will remain in place until noon on Sept. 4 "unless extended by further order."

"All persons in Guam are directed to continue stay at home, subject to limited exceptions such as obtaining food and household necessities, going to and from work at authorized businesses as identified in applicable Department of Public Health and Social Services (DPHSS) Guidance, seeking medical care, caring for dependents or pets, caring for a vulnerable person in another location, or for individual exercise," the government said.

The Government of Guam will continue to operate but with limited public access.

The governor has also modified the restriction on religious services and ceremonies. Effective noon on Saturday, Aug. 29, religious services will be allowed in parking lots, provided congregants stay inside their vehicle during services, and personal interactions must be avoided except as specifically provided in applicable DPHSS Guidance. Religious organizations and congregants shall additionally observe all mitigation measures imposed in applicable such guidance.

All places of business or public accommodations shall remain closed and prohibited from on-site operations, except as provided herein.


The executive order has expanded the list of businesses that are allowed to operate effective noon on Saturday, Aug. 29. The list includes health care operations, including home health workers; operation of public transportation and utilities; grocery stores, farmers' markets, drive-thru food and curbside sales at restaurants, banks and credit unions, insurance companies, construction, automobile repair and parts sales, food delivery, food banks, convenience stores; businesses and non-profit organizations that provide for economically disadvantaged individuals and shelter facilities; pharmacies, health care supply stores, and health care facilities; gas stations; garbage collection; and hardware stores, plumbers, electricians, and other service providers necessary to maintain the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences and other essential businesses. Sales of vehicles and real estate operations shall be permitted by appointment only.

All public schools buildings and facilities shall continue to be closed to all employees unless their in person services are deemed critical by the Guam Department of Education. Instructors may continue providing distance learning services to the extent possible from their homes. Private schools shall be closed to all employees, but may likewise continue to provide distance learning services from home.

Effective noon on Saturday, public parks and beaches will reopen for individual use "for the purpose of exercise, subject to social distancing mandates." Social gathering in public parks and beaches will remain prohibited.


Businesses and Services Not Authorized for On-Site Operations.

1. Government of Guam agencies with customer service functions that are not deemed critical to the health and safety of the community; however, employees of such agencies are to continue working from home unless designated by the respective agencies as providing critical services;

2. Non-Authorized Operations;

3. Dine-in services at Eating and Drinking Establishments;

4. Educational institutions, including public and private K-12 schools, colleges, and universities and those staff not engaged in distance learning or not performing critical functions;

5. Curb-side sale of merchandise that are not Authorized Items;

6. Child care facilities;

7. Professional services not explicitly mentioned as Authorized Businesses and Services;

8. Cosmetic establishments, including tattoo shops;

9. Theaters and museums;

10. Dive Shops;

11. Tourist attraction sites and venues (including fishing and boat charters);

12. Bars and taverns;

13. Gymnasiums, fitness centers, and golf courses;

14. Movie theaters;

15. Sporting events of all types;

16. Public swimming pools;

17. Firing ranges and golf driving ranges;

18. Therapeutic massage establishments;

19. Automobile detailing services (i.e., cleaning, tinting, washing, waxing);

20. Animal grooming and training facilities;

21. Travel agencies;

22. All places of worship, except for parking lot services; and

23. All government of Guam public parks and beaches, except for individual use for the purpose of exercise, subject to social distancing mandates.


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