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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

19 new Covd-19 cases reported on Guam; 219 active cases; DOD number goes up to 74

Guam's Covid-19 tally has gone up to 577, with 19 new cases reported today. There 219 active cases.

Of the 19 newly confirmed cases, four cases were identified through contact tracing. The rest are currently under investigation.

According to JIC release, the number of cases among the service members has gone up to 74 today from 59 over the weekend. "Individuals who tested positive for Covid-19 as announced in the Aug. 17 JIC release included active duty service members, National Guard members, civilians and military dependents, who presented to U.S. Naval Hospital Guam's influenza-like illness clinic or who were identified for testing through contact tracing" the Joint Region Marianas said.'

"None of the individuals who tested positive for Covid-19 announced in the Aug. 17 JIC release reported recent travel and none were on restriction of movement related to travel.The individuals are in isolation at their residence."

The government reported two additional cases from Southern High, in addition to one reported last week. Areas of the SHS campus have been identified for cleaning and disinfecting and will be off limits to personnel until those processes are complete.

One positive case was reported from Tiyan High School Monday night.

Tuesday's results also showed two officers testing positive for Covid-19.

The two officers are assigned to GPD’s specialized units, which have minimal contact to the greater community. GPD is working alongside the DPHSS with ongoing contact tracing with GPD personnel who may have been exposed to the two officers.

JIC said contact tracing effort is ongoing and close contacts of the confirmed cases will be contacted directly by DPHSS. A close contact is an individual who has come in face-to-face contact with a confirmed Covid-19 individual for at least 10 minutes or more and within six feet, or who has had direct contact with infectious secretions of the confirmed Covid-19 individual (e.g. being coughed on).

later in the day, Port Authority of Guam General Manager Rory J. Respicio said he has been notified that a Port Authority of Guam employee tested positive for Covid-19.

"The individual who tested positive today had limited exposure at the Port as the employee began to isolate at home at the onset of symptoms,” he said.

Respicio immediately released the information to all employees this afternoon when he was notified.

“The individual was not one of the 59 Port employees who were identified last week as being potentially exposed to Covid-19 at a location outside of the Port,” Respicio said. “As for the 59 employees exposed to a positive Covid-19 case in the course of a work-related activity outside of the Port, Public Health has confirmed that testing for these 59 employees will take place on Thursday at Public Health.”

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