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  • Bt Ethan Perez

Docomo launches Mobile 5G in Guam, Saipan

Docomo Pacific launched Mobile 5G network on Guam and the CNMI Thursday, allowing subscribers to experience speeds of up to 250Mbps download and up to 15Mbps upload on their mobile devices.

"5G is more than speed. It’s the gateway for Guam and the CNMI to enter the next level of innovation and technology," said Roderick Boss, president and CEO of Docomo Pacific.

"Think self-driving vehicles, fully integrated home IoT, VR and AR for a remote-learning video connection so clear your kids feel as if they’re physically in the classroom,” Boss said.

The fifth generation of mobile technology, 5G is the new global wireless standard after the conventional 4G LTE network. 5G is designed to deliver high data speeds, low latency, and more network capacity. Latency is the time it takes from the moment information is sent from a device until it can be used by the receiver.

"The fastest in the Marianas just got faster" Keo Toree, Docomo director of segment marketing, said in a press conference Thursday.

5G applications can be used on 5G-ready devices including LG V50, Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, and the soon-to-come Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

At this time, Docomo said, there is no official release date of the 5G-capable iPhone 12 series.

Shohei Takigami, Docomo's chief technology officer, said 5G hotspots will be launched in phases, beginning with Skinner Plaza and Ypao Beach Park for Guam customers and Paseo de Marianas for Saipan customers.

In March 2019, Docomo unveiled its 5G Open Lab, which allows companies, including the University of Guam Office of Information Technology, to partner with Docomo and test their 5G applications, equipment and new concepts at no cost.

Shohei Takigami, Docomo's chief technology officer, said 5G could replace the typical modem and router as previous data suggested.

Besides this application, the addition of 5G will distance learning to become more fluid as calls and meetings could be done with a handheld device without the high latency and low upload speed that often plagues 4G users when using only a mobile connection for similar tasks.

With 5G technology being so new there are only a handful of devices whose design allows them to even harness to the network and allow for a roaming connection. Docomo is partnering with Samsung to bring 5G to all current Samsung S20 models including the S20 Ultra and S20+. Alternately the LG V50 is also capable of 5G LTE if a customer is and LG user.

"There are many promising opportunities in the near future. We are proud to be the first to provide you with 5G coverage and promise to be with you every step of the way to our 5G future," Boss said.

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