Dead man walking

Just breathe... the American president says this country is at war with the virus.

Historic wartime measures, including a worldwide travel ban, have crushed the economy and have ostensibly put more lives in danger. In the face of an invisible enemy, President Donald Trump invoked the Defense Production Act, a Korean War-era law that empowers the federal government to exert control over the private sector to meet national defense needs and ensure that emergency medical supplies get to where they are most needed, regardless of the business plans of the companies involved.

Over the past four months, the global vibrations of human activity oscillated more slowly and the Earth moved differently while humanity pondered the coronavirus. The virus has brought Guam to its knees, stranded America’s mightiest aircraft carrier on our shores, and forced the world’s churches to shutter their doors.

We are in lockdown. Many businesses are still closed and may never open again. Many emotionally devastated small business workers have lost their jobs. Too many people are now relying on the government of Guam to do the right things.