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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

CNMI awarded $1.5M for temporary job opportunities

Saipan-- The CNMI Department of Labor Workforce Investment Agency (DOL-WIA) is one of 24 entities throughout the United States to be awarded funding for temporary employment opportunities to qualified participants through the Covid-19 Pandemic National Dislocated Worker Grant (PNDWG) of the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

The CNMI DOL-WIA was awarded $1.5 million to assist eligible individuals with temporary employment that focus on pandemic disaster relief, humanitarian assistance, and other allowable functions that would help the CNMI respond and recover from Covid-19. Training opportunities may also be available for those qualified and eligible individuals to transition between careers.

To qualify for the temporary employment opportunities, potential participants must register with DOL-WIA and be deemed eligible for services.


Eligibility is defined as:

· Having been temporarily or permanently laid off as a consequence of Covid-19

· Meet WIOA Dislocated Worker eligibility criteria

· Be a long-term (at least six months) unemployed worker

· Be a self-employed individual who became unemployed or under-employed as a result of Covid-19

Individuals will be assessed to see if they meet eligibility requirements.

The PNDWG was created to help address the workforce-related impacts of the coronavirus public health emergency to prevent, prepare for and respond to Covid-19.


CNMI Secretary of Labor Vicky Benavente said the Dislocated Worker Grants will help some unemployed U.S. eligible workers find new jobs by performing work that responds to the impact of the virus in the CNMI.

“This grant is another option for U.S. eligible workers, who do not qualify for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) and Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation and meet the qualifications for PNDWG, to earn income or learn a new skill during these challenging times. We continue to work hard to provide assistance as best we can,” Benavente said.

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