Passengers who refuse to wear masks will be blacklisted

Any passenger who refuses to wear a face covering will be blacklisted and banned from flying with American carriers, according to the industry's new policy as airlines gradually return to the skies.

United Airlines unveiled its new mandatory policy that takes effect June 18.

United's no-mask-no-flight policy is in line with Airlines for America's (A4) efforts to beef up protective measures to prevent inflight transmission of Covid-19.

Airlines for America is the industry trade organization that represents major U.S. airlines. A4A announced on Monday that its member carriers will be vigorously enforcing face covering policies, putting rigor around rules requiring passengers and customer-facing employees to wear facial coverings over their nose and mouth.

The wear-a-mask policy is one critical aspect of the airlines' multi-layered measures to mitigate Covid-transmission risk and protect passengers and crew.

In a separate statement, Delta said: "Those who choose not to comply with this or other safety requirements risk future flight privileges with Delta, which is in keeping with the face covering enforcement policies Airlines for America recently announced," Delta said.