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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

Stranded FSM citizens to receive $1,000 each

Palikir, Pohnpei — Micronesian citizens who have been stranded abroad as a result of the border closure will receive $1,000 each or 1,500 per family, the Federated States of Micronesia government announced June 10.

The FSM government finalized its procedures for providing financial assistance to FSM citizens who were traveling back to the FSM.

Many of them were stranded in Guam and Hawaii following FSM President David Panuelo’s declaration of a state of public health emergency, which entailed the prohibition of travelers’ entry into FSM in an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the nation.

Panuelo has extended the emergency declaration through July 31.

In his recent state of the nation address, Panuelo announced the government’s financial assistance program, which a $300,00 allocation to assist the stranded citizens.

The FSM issued the following guidelines for the program eligibility:

Eligible applicants must be FSM citizens carrying an FSM passport.

Citizens stranded due to relocation (i.e. their travel was booked and began prior to the Nation’s

borders closing) are eligible to apply for assistance.

Citizens stranded due to returning home (i.e. whose travel was booked and originated from the FSM, and were returning to the FSM due to no residency elsewhere) but became stranded abroad are eligible to apply for assistance.

Citizens who have already received financial assistance through other U.S. Federal, FSM National, or Insurance coverage may not be eligible for assistance, but are encouraged to apply as each case will be individually considered and cross-checked through official channels.


Applicants must first complete an application form, provide a copy of their passport biopage for the main applicant (and each additional family member included in the application), and a copy of the itinerary receipt and/or ticket for the main applicant (and each additional family member included in the application). The FSM National Government may request further information if one’s application requires further support and review.

The application form can be found here: STRANDED-CITIZEN-APPLICATION-FORM.pdf

Applications and supporting documents can be submitted online to However, if a stranded citizen does not have access to the internet they may apply in person at the FSM Consulates in Hawaii and Guam. Staff at each Consulate will assist with the completion of forms and scanning of relevant documentation.


The FSM Consulate in Hawaii is located at 3049 Ualena Street, Suite 412 in Honolulu. Their phone number is (808) 836-4775.

The FSM Consulate in Guam is located at 1755 Army Drive Route 16 in Harmon. Their phone numbers are (671) 646-9154 and (671) 646-9155.

Successful applicants can receive either a direct deposit to their Bank of the FSM or Bank of Guam accounts, or a physical check through their local FSM Consulate

For more information on financial assistance for FSM citizens stranded abroad due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions, please visit:

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