CNMI reopens economy

Saipan-- Businesses in the CNMI may now operate 12 hours a day following Gov. Ralph Torres' move Monday to flash the "yellow" signal that indicates gradual reopening of the commonwealth's economy.

In line with approved guidance by the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. (CHCC) and community-based testing data by the governor’s Covid -19 Task Force, Torres announced that the CNMI can now responsibly initiate the next phase in the implementation of its Economic Recovery Plan from community vulnerability level “red.”

However, business establishments are mandated to limit occupancy to 50 percent in accordance with supplemental regulatory guidance set by the CHCC and the Department of Public Works Building Code.

In Community Vulnerability Level “yellow" testing has become widespread, but efforts to promote testing among community organizations, businesses and households continues.

“Yellow” represents the midway point of phasing schedule and creates the opportunity to assess the levels of positive cases for possible reversion of restrictions if positive cases exceeds previously stated thresholds. If present forecasts for testing remain stable, “Yellow” would align with the peak number of cases under current estimates by the Federal Emerge