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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

Raid prompts MedPharm to ditch 'anti-virus' product

MedPharm said Thursday it has removed from its stores a product called "SDS Blocker," which is being advertised as a protection against coronavirus. The product was removed following raids conducted by the Food and Drug Administration at the company's warehouse locations in Guam and Saipan.

"The product was marketed and sold to MedPharm as an over-the-counter item by a local Guam distributor. We have voluntarily removed the product from our inventory," Medpharm said in a press statement.

“We take these matters very seriously and we are cooperating fully with all authorities,” said Rene H. Ramos, president of MedPharm, Inc. “Once we were informed by the federal authorities that the product supplied by a local distributor did not meet federal standards, we immediately took action and removed the product from our inventory."

Based on irts product description, SDS-Blocker CL-40 "is a personal space sanitizer, deodorizer and shield of protection from viruses, bacteria, germs and pollen." It claims to "safely utilizes the sanitizing power of ClO2 (Chlorine dioxide) to offer an atmospheric shield for protection against viruses, bacteria pollen and odors. This patented new granulated oxidizer allows ClO2 to be released slowly creating a shield of protection around the person wearing the SDS-Blocker CL-4."


"This is an isolated event specifically related to the sale of the SDS Blocker product we purchased locally and sold via our wholesale company. The warrant was not related to any other items or operations involving our company. The prescription drugs dispensed in all our pharmacies are legitimate, U.S. sourced and manufactured under strict FDA regulatory compliance,” Ramos said.

MedPharm is a supplier, wholesaler, and distributor of quality healthcare products including medical equipment and supplies, dental equipment and supplies, radiological, laboratory equipment and supplies as well as pharmaceutical and Biomed Engineering services to the South Pacific islands including Guam, Saipan, Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Palau, Fiji and Western and American Samoa.

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