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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

Public Masses in parking lots to begin this weekend

Archbishop Michael Byrnes has tasked the Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission to develop the Archdiocese of Agaña’s sacramental protocols that would pave the way for the gradual return of the Church’s celebration of sacraments the Archdiocese of Agana announced Tuesday.

Liturgical Commission members are working diligently with our pastors to ensure the phased resumption of the sacraments is done with the implementation of safety and precautionary measures.

The archdiocese said Byrnes had a positive meeting with Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero’s representatives last Friday. It was preceded by a meeting of Archbishop Byrnes with his clergy.

At the end of last Sunday’s Mass of the reconsecration of Guam and Marianas to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Archbishop Byrnes provided a preview of the positive developments to come.

The Archbishop announced that our Church would begin to celebrate public Masses in parking lots this weekend, following proper social distancing protocols.

Archbishop Byrnes said that in parishes that are able to do so, these Masses would be celebrated with the faithful receiving the Holy Eucharist from within their vehicles. Catholics in attendance need to stay in their cars during celebration of the Mass.


The Masses will be held where possible. In some cases, parishes do not have the parking lot size or space capacity for such Masses. The faithful can expect to receive more details in the days to come as pastors work out logistics.

“I just to want to acknowledge that as the Church, we have a strong desire to be partners with our government, recognizing that we have an extraordinary responsibility to see that our efforts in the Church don’t become an instance of widening the scope of infection here on the island,” the Archbishop said last Sunday.

“It’s good news and I ask us all to be very cooperative with the kinds of protocols we will need to take in order to celebrate the Mass and be prudent about it,” Archbishop Byrnes said. Once more, the Archdiocese will provide more information in the days to come."

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