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  • By Pacifc Island Times News Staff

Shop at your fingertips: Mall of Guam opens for business

The Mall of Guam (, the first and only virtual mall populated exclusively by Guam retailers, is now officially open for business.

This online central shopping center is created to provide Guamanians the ease and convenience of shopping all of Guam without the need to be physically at the stores.

The currently has seven participating retailers, with five others coming soon. Current store listing includes Royal Bics, American Chocolate Factory, MOC Products, GNC, Coffee Slut, SweetArtsGuam, M&M and Golf Shop.


Why shop • From your screen to your doorstep in 24 hours or less! • $10 delivery fee per transaction at the entire mall! • The dollars you spend on Guam stay on Guam. • Stay-in Shopping is social distancing in practice. When we shop local, we keep the Guam economy going.


The advent of the Internet in 1991 has dramatically changed the retail landscape in cities and countries all over the world just a short three years later with the inception of e-tailing in 1994.

Fast forward to 2020, Guam now has the, the only online mall dedicated primarily to serve the needs and preferences of local shoppers.

With the, gone is the seven to 10 business days’ waiting time to receive off-island orders. Guam shoppers will experience instead next-day delivery right to their doorstep for a flat fee of $10 per transaction from the entire mall.

ADVERTISEMENT is especially useful during a public health crisis. The coronavirus pandemic has severely restricted commercial activity on Guam, limiting the number of business establishments that remain open only to those that are deemed “essential.” affords Guam consumers the ability to buy goods from Guam stores that were closed due to the imposition of restrictions following the public health crisis.

Through the Guamanians now have the opportunity to enjoy shopping at their favorite stores on Guam for homegrown brands and goods from the comfort and safety of their own home.

The Mall of Guam is created for locals by locals who believe in investing in our community and supporting the local population. Buying local helps sustain the local island economy. "We provide employment to our people. We pay local taxes. We promote our own products. And because the products are already on Guam, customers receive their orders much faster – within one day or less," the Mall of Guam said.

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