Governor: Tougher measures needed to curb Covid-19

Dr. Felix Cabrera speaks at a video press conference on April 3, 2020, presenting Covid-19 trajectory for Guam. Photo courtesy of the Office of the Governor.

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero has announced tougher measures in an effort to slow down the spread of Covid-19 on Guam, which now has 84 positive cases.

Officials projected 3,000 coronavirus-related deaths in the next five months, which they said could go down to 700 if residents abide by stricter policies.

Because of the severity of Covid-9 crisis, the governor has decided to take greater control of the roadways by putting up checkpoints.

“Access to public roadways will be limited to movement for the purposes of traveling to and from essential activities which I have authorized under executive order number 2020-05,” Leon Guerrero said.

“While we are working out the details, vehicles on Guam’s roadways are required to display signs showing the essential function that

necessitates their presence of the road,” she added.

New measures are tentatively scheduled to begin Tuesday, the governor said.

During the April 3 video press conference, the governor’s medical advisors, Dr. Michael Cruz and Dr. Felix Cabrera, presented Covid-19 trajectory for Guam.