Late detection of infection feared to have exposed GMH employees to Covid-19


A patient who was initially admitted to the Guam Memorial Hospital for an illness not related to Covid-19 later tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, and the late detection was feared to have exposed unsuspecting hospital employees to the virus.

The GMH patient was among the 12 cases of Covid-19 on Guam’s current list, according to Press Secretary Krystal Paco.

“The incident occurred on the third floor, Medical-Surgical Inpatient Adult Unit wherein the patient was placed in a private room with a closed door,” the hospital’s administrator, CEO Lilian Perez-Posadas, stated in a memo circulated last Thursday night following the patient’s test. “As medical professionals, our actions are primarily dependent and premised on information patients report.”

Perez-Posadas said the individual was determined to have a coronavirus infection onl