Wait a minute Mr. Postman, there is nothing in the mail

Recently, I read a press release from the Federated States of Micronesia that gave me hope for my Chuukese families. Noting that it takes its citizens’ concerns seriously, the FSM national government said it would look into alleged fraud and mail-mishandling at the Chuuk Post Office.

“It is indeed the duty of every employee of the FSM Postal Service to protect every piece of mail—whether it’s flat rate, registered, certified, express, insure or not insured, with tracking or without tracking, and so forth,” stated the release.

FSM President David Panuelo requested FSM post-master general Ginger Porter Mida “to review contemporary reporting procedures and, where necessary and able, to develop a superior means of doing so.”

For years, Chuukese living abroad have been crying foul about postal pilfering. Their cries seem to have finally been heard at the national government level. Hopefully, something good happens. And Chuukese residents will eventually learn about the real story behind their missing mail and parcel.

Many have posted on Facebook about money and goods stolen from parcels sent to Chuuk. Recipients go to the post office to claim their packages, only to find them already open and their contents missing.

Postal employees have pointed fingers at a different direction, claiming Chuuk Custom’s personnel at the airport may be the culprit.