The atrocities of politics

Executive and legislative leaders hastily called a press conference last month to announce a brilliant plan. Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero delivered a random introduction. War survivors, she said, do not have to wait for Section 30 money to receive their war claims. Local funds are available, she claimed.

What local funds?

The governor was referring to supposed savings that GovGuam stands to generate from the Disaster Relief Act, which contains, among others, a provision that would give Guam a relief from matching the balance of about $47 million funds from what was formerly known as Obamacare, which will expire on Sept. 30. Initially, I was unsure if I heard it right. But the governor and lt. governor made it further clear. The administration will use the funds meant for Medicaid matching to cover portions of the war claims.

The “available’ local funds will supposedly cover the war claims for 600 war survivors, whose applications have been adjudicated. A pertinent bill has been drafted, will soon be filed and signed into law before July 21, according to Speaker Tina Muna Barnes.

"Our survivors are here and they are slowly leaving us. It's been 75 years since the liberation of these very courageous and very loving survivors, our manamko'. What I would like to do is give them an opportunity to be whole now by giving them the war claims before all of them are no longer with us," Leon Guerrero said.

Elections are over. They are already in power. Why are they still campaigning? It’s cringeworthy.

The administration’s plan rings hollow, considering the fact