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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

SK Telecom launches first commercial 5G

SK Telecom, Korea’s largest mobile operator, has officially launched its commercial 5G services to customers starting April 5, according to its local partner, IT&E.

The announcement, which was made Wednesday last week, “makes South Korea the first to launch commercial 5G mobile network services in the world, taking the lead over the U.S., Japan, and other countries,” according to a press release from IT&E.

IT&E last announced its partnership with SK Telecom, which the company said would allow the early launch of 5G services in Guam and the CNMI. SK has invested $33 million in the partnership, making it the second largest shareholder of IT&E.

SK’s announcement, Jim Oehlerking, IT&E’s chief executive officer, said “is another milestone in IT&E’s relationship with the SK Telecom. The strategic partnership allows IT&E to leverage SK Telecom’s 5G technology expertise to unlock new and exciting ways for subscribers in the Marianas and Guam to stream, share, play, and browse. 5G will transform the mobile experience for our subscribers.”

SK Telecom said it will provide “the fastest, widest, and safest 5G network with 34,000 base stations throughout 85 towns and cities across the country equipped with the world’s first quantum cryptography solution to eliminate the risk of hacking.”

SK Telecom also unveiled ultra-high definition (UHD), gaming, virtual reality, and augmented reality content that will be available to its subscribers.

The AR, VR, and cloud games unveiled today only mark the beginning of the age of Hyper-Innovation brought by 5G. SK Telecom will continue to introduce 5G-based innovative services to lead all areas of New ICT Information Communications Technology.


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