Guam recreational pot bill signed

Public Law 35-5 is a big media splash

The last time the governor's office at Adelup saw anything like this from the media world was 2017, when North Korea was threatening a rocket attack on the island and President Trump was loudly threatening to respond in kind. That exchange of macho statesmanship brought the world media to the island, hoping to find out how it would come out. As it turned out, not much happened except the production of accounts that filled TV newscasts and large chunks of newspaper space.

On Thursday, Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero was able to command wall-to-wall local media presence by signing a bill into law. More formally known as the Guam Cannabis Industry Act of 2019, Public Law 35-5 is intended to legalize and regulate adult use of marijuana.

Its supporters believe passage of the law will create a new industry for Guam and will finally provide greater and safer access for medical cannabis consumers. Medical use is already legal, but has yet to be implemented.

“I have the decided to sign the bill into law. My decision was made with an open mind,” Leon Guerrero said at a press conference in Adelup, where she announced the signing of Bill 32-35, which had sparked a heated community debate. “At the end of the day, I have to answer this question,” said the governor, who openly supported recreational marijuana during her election campaign.

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