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  • By Bruce Lloyd

Docomo opens groundbreaking 5G internet lab

Its 'Open Lab Guam' offers businesses a chance to work in the island's first 5G environment

Guam's Docomo Pacific is first up on the island with truly cutting edge technology at its Tamuning headquarters. Docomo's lab is the first such facility outside of Japan and offers local businesses and global partners a chance to use the space and Guam’s first 5G environment to collaborate on tech-related solutions for businesses, education and virtual learning, health and telemedicine, utilities, and other areas.

The speed of the communication technology and the potential it has for vast creative innovation by a vast range of users dwarf anything available in the past.

Docomo's 5G Open Partner Program boasts an expanded network of around 2,400 companies and institutions from around the world. Eighty companies from Guam are currently participating in the program, according to a Docomo press release.

“We have a long history of innovation so, it is only natural for us at Docomo Pacific to deliver the 5th generation of mobile technology to you, first,” Roderick Boss, Docomo Pacific president and CEO said.

Boss said the open lab is a major step forward in transforming the way that businesses and consumers connect, communicate and experience the world.

Parent company NTT Docomo operates three 5G Open Labs in Tokyo, Osaka and most recently in Okinawa, Japan. Development of the Guam lab started in late January with remodeling completed in early March by local architect Taniguchi Ruth Makio Architects, contractor Future World Corporation and interior design partner M80 Systems. The new lab measures 2,374 square feet and occupies prime space within the Docomo Pacific Headquarters. According to the release, the investment signifies the company's commitment to innovation on Guam and predicts that it will transform the way everyone communicates and engages with the wider world.

Welcoming the new enterprise and its potential benefits to the Guam community was Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero.

After helping to speak on behalf of the effort, Gov. Leon Guerrero was left virtually speechless by the vivid virtual reality images and audio rendered at 5G speed. Her reaction was recorded by her press secretary, Krystal Paco.

Docomo looks forward to welcoming global partners such as Sony and NS Solutions Corporation with Meritech & Space Entertainment Laboratory, as well as local partners which include the Guam Power Authority, Arluis Wedding Guam Corp, United Airlines, the Guam Marathon Organizers and the University of Guam, all of whom have announced partnership agreements with Docomo to be among the initial group to utilize the island’s first 5G equipment and test environment at the lab.


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