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Skydive Guam’s Vasili Mladinov celebrates 26,000th jump

All in a day's work: GVB PIO Josh Tyquiengco joins him

The Guam Visitors Bureau joined Skydive Guam Inc. in celebrating Tandem Skydive Instructor Vasili Mlandinov’s 26,000th jump on Feb. 9. Skydive Guam hosted a Håfa Adai Pledge renewal ceremony that included a momentous jump from 14,000 feet in the air.

Skydive Guam Inc., which has locations in Guam and Saipan, renewed the commitment it made in 2012 to help to educate its staff about Guam’s culture and historic sites and to preserve and protect Guam’s natural beauty by helping to keep Guam clean.

Mlandinov, who has been skydiving for close to 50 years, mentioned during the ceremony that January will mark his 20th year as a resident of Guam. During his career, Mlandinov served as Captain of the Soviet Skydiving National Team for 10 years. He has broken world records in formation skydiving, and he is a seven-time national skydiving champion in Russia.

GVB’s Public Information Officer, Josh Tyquiengco, witnessed Mlandinov’s expertise firsthand as Tyquiengco and Mlandinov made a tandem jump over Guam from 14,000 ft. above sea level. A renewal ceremony was held at Skydive Guam, Inc.’s main office in Tiyan immediately after they landed. GVB celebrated its second jump with the Skydive Guam team and the Håfa Adai Pledge Program’s 10-year anniversary.

Ricky Woodall, general manager of Skydive Guam Inc., noted the importance of incorporating their Håfa Adai Pledge commitments into daily business operations. As valued partners in the tourism industry and the HAP program, Woodall and his team work hard to promote Guam’s beauty as shown from their unique perspective, all while extending the Håfa Adai spirit to Guam’s visitors and local community.


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