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Speaker Muña Barnes bill includes GRMC in worker coverage

Guam Regional Medical City to cover GovGuam insured employees

Guam Legislature Speaker Muña Barnes has introduced legislation to expand critical-care options for members of the Government of Guam Health Insurance Plan. Under Bill 30-35 (COR) [not yet posted on Legislature site], qualified insurers participating in the GovGuam Health Insurance Program would be required to include both public and private hospitals as part of their coverage for in-network providers.

Guam law currently requires participating carriers to contract with the Guam Memorial Hospital. Speaker Barnes’ measure would add language to mandate that any health insurance provider providing coverage to GovGuam employees maintain a Contractual Services Agreement with the island’s private hospital(s), such as the Guam Regional Medical City.

“Our people shouldn’t have to worry about which hospital they are supposed to go to when facing a life or death situation. Should an individual or loved one consent to going to an out of network hospital in order to hang on for dear life – they shouldn’t then be burdened by an exorbitant bill after” said Speaker Muña Barnes.

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