Navy: No expansion of existing range

The Navy is neither expanding its existing Finegayan Small Arms Range nor proposing any operational changes to use higher caliber firearms at the firing test site, the Joint Region Marianas said.

JRM clarified that the Navy’s request for the establishment of danger zone in the Finegayan area was an administrative action to formalize existing operation of the existing range.

“The Finegayan Small Arms Range and the associated safety danger zone on Naval Computer and Telecommunication Station Guam has been safely and effectively used by the military, local and federal agencies since the mid-1970s,” JRM said in a statement in response to concerns raised by Guam senators.

“The continued operation of this small arms range is important to achieve the core mission of the Department of Defense to sustain the readiness of our men and women who have sworn an oath to protect and defend our country,” JRM said.

The request for danger zone designation was filed with the US. Army Corps of Engineers for coding purposes.

“The safety danger zone has been included to ensure the safety of local fisherman and mariners, providing awareness so they can plan for when the range is in use,” JRM said, adding that the zone was fully evaluated in the 2015 Mariana Islands Training and Testing Environmental Impact Statement and Overseas Environmental Impact Statement.