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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

Pacific Island Times cracks eggnog holiday mystery

Christmas was approaching, with New Year's not far behind, but traditionally minded holiday grocery shoppers found there was one familiar item missing. Shelves in Guam retail store dairy cases held no commercial eggnog. Same thing at Naval Base Guam's NEX and commissary, though cashiers during the busy run-up to the holiday confirmed plenty of frustrated customers were asking for their eggnog fix.

Once upon a time Guam's Foremost produced eggnog seasonally, along with other reconstituted dairy products, but they don't do that anymore.

So what happened to that festive favorite anyhow?

We weren't able to reach military exchange officials for an explanation, but Payless Supermarkets general manager Mike Benito helped to crack the case. Eggnog is a seasonal item and is prone to expire if it doesn't sell. It seems Payless ordered a normal two pallets of eggnog in time for the season, but early customers whipped it off the shelves immediately. By that time, a second order would have arrived it would have been too late for peak demand and had to be cut back, lest the product expire post holiday.

So what were eggnog lovers to do? Fresh eggs, heavy cream, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg--the nog basics--were in good supply, not to mention rum, brandy and other alcoholic ingredients to subdue any salmonella bugs.

With the makings in hand, all you need is a blender and a the patience to let the product age for at least a few hours. The Pacific Island Times test kitchen found this recipe and tested it out. Awesome!


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