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  • By Bruce Lloyd

Korea vets to get their due with a Guam street name

In addition to Guam street names recognizing the U.S. Marine Corps, Vietnam vets, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Army and purple heart winners, the island’s Route 7, which runs up San Ramon Hill past the governor’s residence and the Navy Hospital compound is likely to shortly be renamed Korean War Veterans Drive.

It’s a belated recognition of the service of an estimated 2,800 island residents like 91-year-old Ben Angoco who testified in favor of the name change contained in Bill 347. “Don’t think about those people living,” Angoco urged lawmakers at a public hearing. “Think about those who sacrificed everything for us.” About 20 local vets died during that war. Angoco said members of the local Korean community also support the renaming.

Alfred Ignacio, who grew up in Barrigada, wound up spending a year on the front line in Korea with the 45th Infantry. He agrees the recognition is overdue.

“Everybody else got it, so why can’t we be the same? They got the Vietnam, the Army, all kinds except for the Korean War. It’s beginning to feel to me like we are the forgotten soldiers.”

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