Opportunities lost and regained

South Portland, Maine — The 2018 Super Bowl on Feb. 4 was a big event in New England as Tom Brady and the Patriots had an opportunity to win their sixth Super Bowl. Alas for Patriot and Brady fans, they weren't able to seize that opportunity.

Because of the many Super Bowl parties planned, I decided to Uber that evening and take advantage of the extra demand that would be present for Uber rides. After completing 15 rides and listening to the game on radio, I signed off at 11:51 p.m. and stopped at an Irving gas station with the lowest price in the area to fill my tank.

Unlike Guam, where gas stations collude to keep their prices the same, market forces are alive and well in Maine, and many times you can save 5 to 10 cents per gallon by shopping different stations.

As I was putting the nozzle back on the pump, I noticed a lady walking toward me. "Excuse me sir, I'm from Massachusetts, my two kids are in my car over there, and I'm $9 short of getting a hotel room. Do you have $9 you could help me with?"

In my mind, I immediately thought back to the family in Guam who had been &qu