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Yap Catholic High putting up new academic buildings

Lamer- — Yap Catholic High School, one of two private college preparatory schools operated in the tradition of the Society of Jesus in Micronesia, is erecting two new academic buildings and making renovations on existing structures on the school's 22-acre campus.

Founded in 2011, the grades 9 – 12 high school currently has four classroom buildings, an administration building, the Loyola Chapel, and an outdoor basketball/volleyball court serving 87 students. The school’s new director, Fr. Richard McAuliff, SJ, worked with Principal Michael Wiencek to create a plan for the new construction that will include a science building and school library as well as a roof over the basketball/volleyball court. Additional solar panels are also planned to further boost the school’s capacity of renewable energy and lower the cost of air conditioning the library.

The new library will include elements befitting, as Fr. Rich says, a "21st Century library."

In addition to the normal lending of books and other print resources and intranet access for students and researchers, the school administration intends for the library to become a premier provider of research materials relating to Micronesian history and culture.

The state-of-the-art science building will provide space for conducting scientific experiments with up-to-date laboratory equipment.

YCHS students clear land for new library, overseen by Fr. Rich McAuliff (YCHC photo)

With a total budget of $535,000, the FSM Congress has approved the school’s request for $300,000 for the library and science buildings. The Japan embassy in Pohnpei is considering the school’s Grass Roots Grant application for $88,000 for the roof of the basketball/volleyball court. A funding request has also been submitted to the Sarita Kenedy East Foundation, a New York-based non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to Catholic educational institutions worldwide. In the meantime, the land is being cleared by a dedicated team of students in anticipation of the completion of the library by May 2019 and the science building by December 2019.

Nicholas Untun, is a member of the Yap Catholic High School Class of 2019


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