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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

World Health Organization comes to aid of Yutu struck CNMI

On Saipan, the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation has received water and hygiene supplies from the from the World Health Organization, amounting to 32,000 water purification tablets and 1,000 collapsible jerry cans.

On-island WHO representative, Sean Casey, shared that the tablets and jerry cans will be distributed to the villages on the islands of Saipan and Tinian. The first batch was sent to Tinian Friday and response teams were packing supplies for Saipan.

Each water purification tablet can be added to 10 liters of non-potable clear water to make it drinkable. The jerry cans are 10-liter collapsible water containers for easy storage in at-home emergency kits.

Wil Aguon (from BEH), Sean Casey (from WHO), and Robin Romero (from WIC) posing with WASH supplies

CHCC, WHO and the U.S Department of Health and Human Services constructed mobile hand-washing units that are to be delivered to the shelters along with hand soap to provide the shelterees with the tools to promote strong health through hand hygiene.

In addition to the WASH supplies, the CNMI has received five Interagency Emergency Health Kits. The IEHK’s are a staple of WHO and are a pre-packed kit of essential medical supplies, equipment, and medicine. Each kit can help care for 1,000 people over a span of three months and are intended to provide aid during times that local medical organizations are faced with an emergency.

For updates on outreach, please follow the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation Facebook page at @cnmichcc.


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