How hard is it to predict the outcome of Nov. 6?

Tenorio: Leon Guerrero has conflicts of interest;

Leon Guerrero: Current administration didn’t do its job

The Republican Party’s gubernatorial team of Ray Tenorio and Tony Ada is finally facing-off with its Democratic opposition, Lou Leon Guerrero and Joshua Tenorio.

The Tenorio-Ada teams weathered the primary despite a dark cloud hovering overhead since July 7 — the Tenorio gun grabbing incident. Before then, Republican Party of Guam chairman Jerry Crisostomo endorsed Tenorio unequivocally, pledging the party’s full support and there has been no announced change to that position. On Sept. 17, Tenorio was charged in the Superior court of Guam with “reckless conduct, reckless conduct with a firearm, obstructing government functions and official misconduct.”

How will this incident affect Tenorio’s candidacy? We will find out when the voters make their verdict known on Nov. 6.

The Democratic Party’s team has its own challenges to overcome. Although the team won the primary handily, the Guam Citizens for Public Accountability and Guamanians for Fair Government have launched a write-in campaign endorsing Sen. Frank Aguon and his