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Attorney General candidates on Guam political status

Pacific Island Times asked the two candidates for Guam Attorney General, Douglas B. Moylan and Leevin Taitano Camacho to weigh in on the question of Guam's future political status. The current options are statehood, independence or free association with the United States. Status-quo, maintaining the unincorporated territory status of Guam, will not be offered as a choice to voters and it remains to be seen what the composition of the voters will be. PIT did not set a word limit on the responses by the candidates.

In brief: Douglas B. Moylan: "Our best option is continuing to align ourselves with the greatest nation on our planet, the U.S.A... In my personal opinion, selecting “independence” or “free association” is a bad move that will ruin our economy, culture and quality of life, and that of our children and our children."

In Brief: Leevin Taitano Camacho: "I would support any of the three options - Statehood, Independence or Free Association - over our current status as an unincorporated territory.


We have seen a significant increase in education and outreach about the three options, but there is a lot of opportunity to educate our community on what it means to be an unincorporated territory, and why we should be pushing for a change in status at all. Litigation, such as such as the voting rights case (Segovia) I am involved in, has been another way of raising awareness on issues such as the lack of representation in the federal government facing Guam and others living in the territories on a national level. I would be open to looking at other cases and opportunities for the Office of the Attorney General to take on a larger role in expanding the conversation locally, nationally and internationally.