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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

Dog killer on the loose in Yigo

Dog Pugua killed in Yigo

The Guam Animals In Need (GAIN) on Friday issued a public warning about a series of violent attacks on dogs in Yigo.

Dr. Thomas Poole, Guam Territorial Veterinarian, completed autopsies on both Pugua (the pet dog killed Thursday) and the new dog found dead Friday. Both dogs have bullet wounds.

"I'm disturbed by this senseless attack, and hope with all my heart that we catch the person who did this," Poole said.

On Thursday, Sept. 27, a pet dog named Pugua was violently killed near his Yigo home. He had been beaten by a blunt object and stabbed. A bloody shovel was found near his body.

Based on distressed howls heard by neighbors, the attack is believed to have occurred around 11 a.m. Thursday morning. Shortly after the howling stopped, Pugua’s body was found.

Pugua, a two-year old and 30-pound white Jack Russell terrier boonie mix, got his name because he acts “like a little nut.” His owners, both schoolteachers, share that he and their other dog, Lady, are inseparable, and well-known in the neighborhood as playful and loving pets.

Dr. Poole said Pugua likely died from “a large caliber bullet probably from a handgun 9mm or larger.” Due to the nature of the bullet wound and where he was hit, Dr. Poole said Pugua died instantly and did not travel any distance.

The dog found on Friday died from a small-caliber bullet, likely a 22 caliber.

Pugua was found dead in a carport, nearest the family entrance. Four dogs have now been shot in the same Yigo neighborhood, three of whom have died.

“This is a terrifying, ongoing threat,” said GAIN Board president, Cyrus Luhr. “Animal abusers don’t stop at just animals. Someone is roaming this Yigo neighborhood with a gun, going onto private property, and killing at will. Please be safe, keep an eye out, and report all suspicious activity to the authorities.”

Information is being sought on a person of interest who recently made threats against Pugua and other neighborhood dogs. He is described as a larger (6’, 200-230 lbs) Chamorro man with tattoos and short black hair, last seen Wednesday between 4-5 pm in Yigo (near the Mayor’s Office) pushing a stroller alongside a pregnant Chamorro woman (5’5”, 150 lbs) with long black hair, and two children under the age of 3.

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